An Eco-friendly office has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. To ensure green building strategies in RPS Infinia, a dedicated team monitors the quality for each & every Raw Materials.


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Sector 27C, Faridabad

Area ( ACRES )

7.58 ACRES

Starting Price

Rs.6975/ per sq.ft



Water and Sewerage

To ensure optimal functioning of offices and other facilities, RPS Group has ensured plenteous water supply and ample availability of other resources. To effectively manage waste drainage facilities, sewerage collection have been designed with international touch.

Safety and Security Measures

Infinia will be equipped with relevant safety and security features provided by RPS Group India. Much attention is paid to avoid any unwanted intrusion or trespassing into the periphery. In order to do so, appropriate boundary walls will be developed, thus ensuring security for the offices and the occupants. Competent security agencies will be guarding the main entrance ways and entering or exiting the corporate hub. Watch will be kept with the high quality CCTV surveillance. Fully secured and operational premises are allocated to clients, depending upon their individual and specific requirements.


RPS Group India has assured quality uninterrupted power supply to cater to the needs of the occupant’s facilities. Sufficient infrastructure to deploy power backups has been considered right from the design concept.

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Location & Site Map

Faridabad the Best of South Delhi

RPS Infinia is located at the tip of south Delhi which translates into a swanky commercial real estate right adjoining to the most desired neighborhood at the cost of a suburb.

Its accessibility and strategic presence makes Infinia a perfect destination for local and global businesses.

Since it is closer to local markets and transit points, accessing relevant services becomes a breeze. Moreover, it is conveniently close to the finest hotels, metro rail and the international airport.

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